Show Topics

We’ve always loved hearing from listeners so we’ve made it even easier to tell us what you want us to talk about.

Use this page to suggest show topics or vote on the ones that have been suggested. You never know when we’re going to be stuck for a topic and pick one from the list.

16 votes

Rogue One!

You should totally talk about the new Star Wars film

16 votes

Do a One Shot RPG

Don’t just talk about RPGs – you are going to be talking for 2 hours+ already just play a one.

12 votes

Too many sandboxes not enough sand

Talk about the rise and over saturation of sandbox gaimg

12 votes

Linguistics and language in popular media

Klingon available on Duolingo and online translators; FFX’s simple letter substitution to Tolkien’s new scripts; silent protagonists; difficulties where characters don’t speak a common language; dubs vs subs; participating in international fandoms; representation in Overwatch; create your own conlang and greet listeners in it!

11 votes

Even more RPG stories!

It was suggested that a future episode could not only focus on more RPG stories, but also the other ways they can be played eg/ play-by-post, gaming online etc.

10 votes

Blade Runner

No big deal, right? Just Simon’s favourite movie of all time. Perhaps something he could talk about for a whole episode?

10 votes


The gangs evolving take on previously covered shows/comics (ex: Wicked & Divine, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc.) to see how their impressions have changed given revelations/episodes since the last time it was covered.

10 votes

The shock franchise

As Prey is being touted as the successor to the Bioshock series I’d love to hear your views on the shock franchise as a whole ie system and bio

9 votes

Play the New Paranoia Game

As soon as you get it and have a time to read the rules – Play it on air.

8 votes

Assassin’s Creed

Been playing a lot of this, so please talk about it 🙂

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