Zoe’s Surrounded By Idiots! : Episode 1

Zoe’s Surrounded By Idiots is an I’m Surrounded By Idiots Challenge.

Every generation the player can only control one Sim, the torchbearer. Everyone else is an idiot, reliant on the game AI to look after themselves.

The objective is to get an heir to pass on the torch before the torchbearer dies. If the torchbearer dies before producing an heir, game over.

New video posted by me on Twitch: Zoe’s Surrounded By Idiots!: Episode 10

Watch Zoe’s Surrounded By Idiots!: Episode 10 from dangerouslyunprepared on www.twitch.tv

Love and Death at the university! It’s all getting dramatic on the Surrounded By Idiots Challenge.

Fun fact, we also discovered the in-game parodies of pop songs are close enough to the real things that Twitch will mute your audio!