17 – Fight Forever

If you’re a listener to our live streams at twitch.tv/dangerouslyunprepared at Wednesdays 8pm (UK Time) you might notice this one’s out of sequence!

But as this one’s about something that happened last weekend we thought we’d move it up the order!

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Manual Samuel

After randomly discovering this game when logging into twitch and finding it being the random stream that was showing on the home page I figured I needed to give it a go.

I’m not going to lie, I could have done with a prompt or two in the final boss battle. Yes, I had to go and look up what to do at that point. But that moment aside? A fun and pretty ridiculous little game. — Watch live at https://ift.tt/2zFCHqt

9 – An Arbitrarily Large Number of Squanches

In which our heroes look over the first two years of Rick and Morty. Re-experience all the laughs and trauma with us.

(If parts of the discussion, especially towards the end, give the impression that this episode is coming out really, really late? Blame Mass Effect Andromeda and Nier Automata)